Policies that Govern the Marching Warriors

Summer Rehearsals and School Year Rehearsals Attendance Policy

The SCW Marching Band Calendar can be found at www.scwestband.org.  Registered members will also receive a Google Calendar Link and a PDF of the calendar.  Note, the calendar may change, a new PDF will not be sent out when the calendar changes, so saving the link to the Google Calendar, or syncing the calendar to your personal calendar would be recommended.  

Summer rehearsals are what I considered "a subjective requirement."  To further explain, this means that students are expected to attend, with the understand that summer is time for many other activities like family vacations, sports camps and tournaments, church events, etc.  Please contact Mr. Meyer with any conflicts of this nature prior to the scheduled rehearsals.

Students who work are expected to request off for marching band rehearsals.


By joining the marching band, you are committing to a team and an ensemble rehearses with all members present.  If a rehearsal is scheduled, you are expected to be there.  If you bought tickets to a major concert 6 months ago, that can be excused.  If you get a call an hour before rehearsal from a friend who has an extra ticket to a concert, you are unavailable and expected to attend rehearsal.  If you develop a pattern of unexcused absence during school rehearsals, you will jeopardize your membership in the band and can be removed.


During the school year, the marching band rehearses from 6pm to 9pm on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  This schedule is at times altered if other events conflict with Tuesday and Thursday night.  Once the school year begins, these rehearsals are required.  Students will only be excused for illness communicated by the parent, family emergencies or school sponsored athletics and activities that conflict.  The first unexcused absence will prompt a written warning.  The second unexcused absence will result in suspension from a performance.  The SCW Activities Director will be notified of the second unexcused absence and Mr. Meyer will request approval to remove student following the next unexcused absence.  If that approval is granted, the student and family will be notified that a third unexcused absence will result in removal from the marching band with no refund given if funds have been disbursed for the students music, show design, uniform materials and other costs associated with previous events attended.   If a student is removed from marching band for unexcused absences, they must appeal to Mr. Meyer and the SCW Activities Director for re-entry into the marching band the following season.

Students are expected to be on time to rehearsals.  Three (3) late-arrivals to rehearsal will combine to constitute one (1) unexcused absence.

Enrollment Agreement

Students who wish to participate in the SCW Marching Band must be enrolled in the Concert Band Class for Fall of 2021 and Spring of 2022.  The high school band classes are designed to develop instrumental music skills in a broad range of curriculum whereas the marching band focuses solely on a specific short-term performance goal.  For this reason, in order to continue developing a high quality marching band, students must maintain enrollment in high school band classes to ensure continued development of high quality instrumental music skills.  The following exceptions will be considered and REQUIRE Mr. Meyer's approval for exemption.

Scheduling conflicts:  When Dr. Voelkl and his team create the Master Schedule for St. Charles West, Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble are the first classes to be scheduled because band classes constitute the largest elective.  In addition to band classes being the largest electives, Dr. Voelkl recognizes and supports the importance of eliminating as many conflicts as possible because he understands how important band is to the students who participate.   For this reason, conflicts with Concert Band are extremely rare.  With that said, there are times when required courses do conflict.  Other instances of conflict occur when a student is enrolled in Lewis and Clark, travels to SCHS for a class, or is accepted into a limited enrollment "gifted or advanced credit" program where by possessing a specific skill, talent or exceptional knowledge base they are rewarded a seat in a class.  In some cases, enrollment in these classes does not directly conflict with the Concert Band block, but enrollment in these types of classes limit the students' scheduling options for other required classes that may need to be taken during the Concert Band block.  Before approving an exception, I will discuss the student with the guidance counselor to determine alternatives.  Next I will discuss the student with the classroom teacher.  From those two conversations, I can make a determination as to whether or not the exemption will be approved.  The first alternative I will always seek is to place that student in Jazz Ensemble if there is room in the class.  

If the exemption is approved, an agreement between the director, the student and parents will be made that the exception will only last for one school year and re-entry into the Concert Band class is expected the next school year for continuation in marching band.  If a similar conflict arises in the following school year, this exemption process will begin again.

Starting in 2021-2022, students who are granted and exemption from Concert Band enrollment will be required to meet with the director weekly during the Spring semester for lessons in continuing development of instrumental music skills.  These weekly lessons and passing checkpoints within the lessons will be required for continuing in Marching Band and re-entry into the Concert Band class in 2022-2023


INDOOR COLOR GUARD: If you were a member of the Indoor Color Guard you are expected to continue as a member of the fall color guard to be eligible for continued participation in the Indoor Color Guard.  We view our color guard activity as a full year activity where as the fall and winter color guard seasons continue the development of high quality guard skills.  A break in this training would not be conducive to progressing our success as a team.  Your entry into the color guard program may be through indoor color guard, but once you are in the program, you are expected to participate in fall and winter to remain as a color guard member.

To initiate the exemption policy, please email Mr. Meyer with details concerning the exemption request.

Participation Fees and Volunteer Requirements

DISCLAIMER: The COVID-19 Pandemic may effect participation fees for this coming school year.  The description of fees below assumes a standard competitive marching band season will occur.  If COVID-19 Guidelines limit our ability to be as active as we normally would, expenses would decrease and participation fees would decrease as well.  With that said, our fundraising efforts may be in jeopardy as well, so I do not anticipate a full elimination of participation fees if we are still approved to have a modified marching band.  Right now, I do expect to collect the full $300.00 General Marching Band Fee.  The Band Camp Fee will not be collected if the decision is made to hold band camp at school.

General Marching Band Participation Fee: $300.00
Despite our robust fundraising programs, our budget still has an approximately 40% gap in revenue vs expenses.  To close this gap, students are charged a participation fee of $300.00.  A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required by April 1, 2021.  This is due to the fact that design and composition of the fall marching band show begins in April and requires a start up cost.  If a student chooses not to participate after this process has begun, there is no way of recovering the initial start-up costs.

Students and families who are experiencing financial hardships may appeal to the director for a reduced fee or exemption from the fee.  If this is granted, the student and family will be asked to increase volunteer efforts where applicable.  Appeals are reported to SCW Administration for review and guidance.  The remaining $200.00 of the General Marching Band Participation Fee will be due by August 1, 2021.

Band Camp: Student Fee: $200.00.  (Pending COVID updates)
Each summer we attend an off-campus facility for band camp.  Camp is required for membership in the SCW Marching Band.  Students who have a conflict with Band Camp will need to contact Mr. Meyer to discuss the conflict to be approved for exemption from this requirement.  The 2020 Band Camp is schedule for July 20-25.  The fee for At this time, no decision has been made concerning the cancellation of Band Camp due to COVID-19.  If Band Camp were to be cancelled, this fee would not be required and an alternative date for camp held at SCW will be scheduled.

Volunteer Hours Requirement: 10 Hours per family.
The annual budget for our competitive marching band season is approximately $60,000.00.   The expenses for marching band include hiring seasonal staff, show design and original music composition, props and uniform materials for show presentation, travel and equipment expenses, etc.  A large portion of our budget revenue is generated through fundraising which requires volunteers.  Each family must commit to 10 hours of volunteer time throughout the 2020-2021 school year.  These hours can be completed by the student, parents or family members willing to volunteer.  Adult parents and family members are required to complete a background check per SCSD Board Policy.  Information concerning background checks can be found on at www.stcharlessd.org.  If the volunteer hours are not met for the 2020-2021 school year, students may not be approved for membership in the 2021-2022 marching band season.  If COVID-19 Guidelines restrict our fundraising activities, the volunteer hours requirement will be waived or adjusted.


The Marching Band will perform at Football Games, Saturday Competitions, Pep Assemblies and the Homecoming Parade.

Football Games: On Friday nights, the marching band provides a spirited atmosphere for spectators and players before, during and after the game.  Students will perform a pre-game show, pep band music in the stands during games and a half-time show.

Saturday Competitions:  We will attend 3 to 4 marching band competitions in September and October.  We will compete for a panel of judges.  Our scores is compared to other bands and awards are presented to the top scoring bands.  We have been fortunate to be successful in competition for many years.  It is important that marching band students reserve the entire day for a marching band competition.  We do not receive our performance times until two weeks prior to the event.  Some competitions are all day events with multiple performances possible.

Homecoming Parade:  The SCW Activities Director has made it clear that members of the marching band, dance line and cheer team are required to participate in the marching band for the homecoming parade above all other clubs and activities. This is due to their visual performance contribution to the parade.   An exemption can be made for a club or activity voted president or vice president, but the sponsor of the club or activity must seek approval from Mr. Meyer and Mr. Oetting.

Pep Assemblies: Marching Band students will serve on behalf of the SCW Student Council as the musical group for school assemblies.  All members of the marching band are required to participate with the exception of members of Cheer, Dance and Drill, Student Council members in charge of operation of the assembly and students who have to leave for PM Lewis and Clark sessions.  If you are a member of Warrior Vision, you must have Mr. Jackson request an exemption from Mr. Meyer.  If you are a part of any group that is performing for a portion of the assembly, you can participate during that segment, but are expected to perform with the band prior to and following that segment.  The same applies for athletes who are being recognized during segments of the assembly.

An unexcused absence from any performance will automatically prompt a hearing with Mr. Meyer and Mr. Oetting where recommendation for removal from marching band will be considered.  In that hearing, the student can appeal removal by agreeing to having no more unexcused absences during the season with the understanding that an additional unexcused absence beyond that point will result in automatic removal.

Students who are removed from marching band during a season for unexcused absences must appeal to Mr. Meyer and Mr. Oetting to be re-instated to the marching band in the following season.

The tardy policy for rehearsals also applies to performances.  Three (3) late-arrivals constitute one (1) unexcused absence.

SCW Band Citizenship and Medical Physical/Insurance Requirement

Marching Band Students are required to adhere to the St. Charles School District Activities and Athletics Code of Conduct.  A copy of this document can be found on the schools activities/athletics website.

Directors Note:  The Director of Bands (Mr. Meyer) reserves the right to refuse participation for any student who has had excessive discipline issues that are deemed damaging to the culture and environment of the SCW Marching Band.  A hearing with Mr. Meyer and Mr. Oetting will be held if Mr. Meyer deems a student to be in this category.

I will also share Code of Conduct via Google Classroom

Marching Band Students are required to have an up-to-date Medical Physical on file at the Activities Department and provide proof of insurance.  As of 2019, all physicals are now valid for two (2) school years.  Students who have had a physical on file since February 1, 2019 will not need to complete a physical until February of 2021. All incoming freshman will need to complete a physical.  The physical form can be found at the schools activities/athletics website.

I will share the physical forms via Google Classroom.